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CMHA and Cincinnati Bell to offer free high-speed internet access in six public housing communities

Channel 9 News

Cincinnati Bell installs free Wi-fi in Dayton, KY public housing

Channel 9 News

Kentucky seeks to get reliable internet to as many in state as possible

Channel 9 News

Cincinnati Bell: 124 free Wi-Fi hotspots installed in Covington, city moves toward digital equity

The Cincinnati Enquirer

124 ‘hotspots’ expand free Wi-Fi access in NKY

Fox 19 NOW

Covington works to bridge digital divide for students

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Dayton housing community residents receive Chromebooks Wednesday

Channel 2 News

Digital equity initiative continues with Chromebook distribution

Dayton Daily News

$3M Montgomery County initiative aims to bridge digital divide

Dayton Daily News

High-speed data networks benefit low income families in Montgomery County

Dayton Business Journal


Dayton OH Oregon District arch with foliage

UniCity Brings Opportunity to Oregon District

Keeping businesses running smoothly is table stakes when it comes to internet connection. At Cincinnati Bell, we believe our Fiber Internet, Intelligent Wi-Fi and UniCity […]

UniCity Partners with the Housing Authority of Covington to bring Wi-Fi to students, families in need

At Cincinnati Bell, we are proud of our commitment to investing in communities. As the pandemic hit, the Housing Authority of Covington (HAC) noted an […]

UniCity By Cincinnati Bell image

Steps to becoming the next smart City with UniCity

As you start to hear more and more city’s becoming the next smart city, there is a lot of questions that come to mind how […]

Leveraging UniCity in Venues and Campuses

The UniCity approach, experience, and IoT (Internet of Things) partners also support smart solutions for small-to-large scale sports and cultural venues and campuses. Whether you […]

Introducing UniCity

Combining technology and community development expertise, UniCity works with governments of all sizes to problem solve through smart city solutions. Building on a foundation of […]


Episode 7: Smart city solutions in the Oregon District

In this interview, Dayton business luminaries and Cincinnati Bell leaders detail the process of bringing fiber and free public Wi-Fi to the city’s historic and iconic Oregon District.

Episode 6: Future of Smart City

Hear from Tom Simpson, Cincinnati Bell’s Chief Operating Officer, and what he has to say about the future of Smart Cities and 5G technology.

Episode 5: Innovative Government

Dive in with Katie Meyer as she discusses how Smart City approaches can use data to improve efficiencies within city governments.

Episode 4: Safer Streets

The UniCity team talks through how dedicated Internet bandwidth, video surveillance cameras and sensor technology can help build a safer community.

Episode 3: Growing Economy

Listen as Katie Meyer, Policy and Program Manager for UniCity, explains the benefits of how being a Smart City can boost the economic development strategy for a city.

Episode 2: Thriving Neighborhoods

In this interview, we discuss how access to reliable high-speed Internet service, digital devices, is necessary for communities to succeed.

Episode 1: What is a Smart City

Join John Putnam, Director of UniCity at Cincinnati Bell, as he introduces the four pillars that make up a foundation of a Smart City.

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